History of Camross National School

The first National School in Camross village was built adjacent to St. Kevin’s Church in the mid-19th Century. The building stands to this day and is now better known as the GAA Hall following its renovation in the 1980s by the GAA club.

Our current school was built in 1909 when a new school was erected on our present site. The new school opened on the 21st of November 1909 and contained two classes, both were twenty feet long by twenty feet wide. There were two cloakrooms adjoined to the two rooms and the rooms were heated by an open fire. There were boy’s and girl’s toilets outside. At the time 74 children attended the school.

Over the next few decades numbers in the school increased and by 1940’s numbers were over a 100 and towards the 60’s numbers started to increase again.


During the 1960’s Camross NS merged with Clonin and because of the increased numbers, Camross NS had to be rebuilt.

In 1965 while the new school was under construction the pupils were taught in the hall.

The new school under the principalship of Maurice Healy was ready in 1966. However, the new school was not sufficient for the capacity and the younger children were taught in a prefab up until the early 1990s when a permanent room was added to the school.

Since the ’90s the school has undergone many different phases of development and was also attached to the new Community Hall.

The current school as of the 16th of March 2021 has 5 mainstream classrooms all with adjoining toilets, 2 Learning Support rooms, a staff room, an office, and a small library.

Currently, there are 120 children enrolled in the school and we have 8 teachers. Our principal is Ms. Horan, and our teachers are Ms. Cordial, Mr. Meagher, Ms. Cuddy, Mr. Phelan, Ms. Barron, Mr. Carroll, and Ms. Keanneally. We have 2 SNA’s Sadie McCartney and Fiona Cuddy. Also, on our staff, we have Breda Doran and Marian Delaney.