The school uniform is a blue pullover, blue shirt and grey trousers or skirt.

Children are required to have indoor footwear and outdoor footwear(old runners or wellingtons) for lunch times and also an old tracksuit for the pitch.

There is a formal parent – teacher meeting every year in October/November. Parents may also make an appointment to see the class teacher or the Principal at any mutually convenient time.

There are a number of ways

  1. Notes are given to pupils to be brought home and shown to parents. Some pupils forget this so they are reminded to put the note in their homework journal.
  2. School announcements will be posted on Seesaw.
  3. The school has a Text a parent service.
  4. The Parents Council run a Facebook page which has all school information.
  5. The school has a Twitter account also which is kept up to date.
  6. The pupils also add information to the parish newsletter.
  7. You are also asked to keep your eye on this website for relevant information.

Most school closures are set by the Department of Education and Science and are standardised throughout the country.

These are:

  • Halloween Break
  • Christmas
  • Easter Holidays


The mid-term break in February can either be a two-day or a five-day break and in any school year there may be some flexible days.  School holidays and any other school closures are ratified by our Board of Management and the dates of these school closures are conveyed to families as soon as they become available.

A note is needed in cases of absence, when a child is late for school, or for permission to leave the school before the end of the school day.
In general, any special request should be put in writing.