About Camross NS

Camross National School is situated at the foot of the Slieve Bloom Mountains in the picturesque village of Camross in County Laois. 

Camross is an idyllic village in rural Ireland and the school is at the hub of the community. 

The village itself is very small with a church, a community hall, a pub, and a poet’s cottage. 

Our present school building contains 5 mainstream classrooms, 2 Learning Support Rooms, a Staff Room, an office, and a small library. 

The school itself is attached to the local Parish Hall. 

Currently, there are 120 children enrolled in the school and we have 8 teachers. Our Principal is Ms. Horan and our teachers are Ms. Cordial, Mr. Meagher, Ms. Cuddy, Mr. Phelan, Ms. Barron, Mr. Carroll, and Ms. Keanneally. We have 2 SNA’s Sadie McCartney and Fiona Cuddy. Also on our staff is Breda Doran and Marian Delaney.